About Rose Hill Garden

At Rose Hill Garden, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients, get to know them, and care for them. Our goal is to be there for you in all phases of your life, from big occasions to everyday events, with loyalty, creativity, and quality. We find joy in the personal: helping you communicate through flowers and gifts, helping make your home a more cozy, welcoming place, and more. Come take a walk in our world…the world of Rose Hill Garden.

"I started this business in my home, to give others that feeling of peace and enjoyment that comes with home. Our creations are not mass-produced—each piece comes from my heart to yours, adding that touch of nurturing that makes us all feel good."
--Evelyn Pepicelli, artist and owner of Rose Hill Garden

Evelyn draws much of her inspiration from her childhood in the Berkshires, where she learned to appreciate the beauty of nature from her father, a horticulturalist, and spent many days helping her grandmother and great-grandmother (for whom Rose Hill Garden is named) tend their gardens. Today, she brings a lifetime of love for nature to her designs at Rose Hill Garden.