Early Spring is Approaching

Brighten your home with the spirit of spring, the hints of color that add life to the winter days.


The Flower Shop

~ hand crafted • artistic • unique ~


We know that in this day and age, you can buy flowers anywhere, from your local grocery store to  the latest app on your phone. That's why at Rose Hill, we offer something that's in short supply in the flower industry.


What sets Rose Hill apart from everyone else is that every arrangement that goes out our door is custom crafted with love, energy and a passion to articulate the perfect message for the intended recipient.

When folks open up the door and see a Rose Hill arrangement in front of them, they're flattered - not only because you thought of them, but of how expertly you've captured who they are in something so simple as flowers.


A well-designed wedding day can elevate your event to the next level, creating a beautiful experience for you and your guests, establishing dynamic contrasts and highlights in your photos, and eliciting an ambiance that is everything you've dreamed it would be. As your floral design partner, Rose Hill Garden will guide you through the entire wedding planning process and help identify the best designs and accents necessary in order to achieve your desired vision. Let us worry about the flowers so you can stay focused on enjoying your beautiful day. 

Evelyn is just amazing to work with. Her attention to detail is unparalleled and she truly brought my vision to life!
— 2017 bride