Dear Evelyn,

“You are amazing!! Thank you for all your efforts at our new home. In addition to new and wonderful creations, you have taken objects which are near and dear to our family, and incorporated — no, assimilated! —them into our new home. As I said on the phone, it was not easy to move from our beautiful Easton home full of 26 years of wonderful memories. I can't thank you enough for helping me with this transition. Balancing beauty and "meaning" is a huge challenge. Thank you for making this easy for us. No better time than the holidays!!” — Kate xoxo

Thank you so much for the beautiful arrangements and exceptional service!
— Suzanne

The shower was a great success.  Everyone raved about the flowers and decorations!  THANK YOU very, very much.  I was so proud of my home and felt so happy about the way it looked for this very special event in our lives.
— Ginny

The Centerpieces were absolutely perfect.  We loved them.  Everyone commented on how beautiful they were and many asked who created them.  Everything was perfectly color coordinated.  The balloons looked terrific. The room looked great.and was just exactly what we had in mind.
— Sharon