How do I reserve my date?

Once we have a consultation, we will type up a proposed contract listing every line item and its cost. All of the pricing and details can be fine-tuned as you start to narrow in on your exact requirements and confirm you final counts, but in order to reserve your date, you will be required to send a non-refundable deposit to us. This will go toward payment of your final event, and will be deducted from the final total.



What do I need to do or provide on the day off?

Absolutely nothing. We will take care of everything on your wedding day. If you are using specific containers or have accents that need to be incorporated into the decoration that day, you can drop those off to us weeks or months before the wedding. On the day off of your wedding, you are the star of the show and don’t need to worry about a thing. We will ensure that everything is exactly as you envisioned.



Have you ever done a long distance wedding?

Yes, we have done many weddings where the bride, groom or both have lived out-of-state. In cases like this, we make sure that we are even more thorough in our phone conversations, and will send pictures of any samples for approval. We are wedding experts, and understand all the planning details and what is needed so regardless of where you live, we know exactly what needs to be taken care of and how to make sure that you’re feeling confident every step of the way.